KCa2.3 (SK3) (N-term), rabbit pAb, Alomone labs, APC-025

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  • Rabbit polyclonal anti-KCa2.3 (SK3) (N-term), Alomone labs, APC-025

    The antibody was used in IHC to stain dorsal root ganglia from rats and mice. The antibody was tested in a dilution series: 1:250; 1:500 and 1:1000. Antibody stock concentration 0.6 mg/mL. The 1:1000 dilution gave the best staining.

    The staining looked very good in rat. Specific staining of satellite glial cells and very little unspecific staining in other cell types. The rat staining deserves 5 stars.

    The staining was very poor in mouse and did not seem specific at all. The mouse staining deserves 1 star.

    The dorsal root ganglia had beed fixed for 1.5 hrs (mouse) or 4 hrs (rat) in 4% PFA. Cryoprotected overnight in 30% sucrose and finally embeded in tissue tek. The sections were cut in 10 um sections.

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