PPAR gamma (C26H12), rabbit pAb, Cell Signaling #2435S

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  • We tested by western blot a rabbit polyclonal PPARγ Antibody Cell Signaling-2435S (C26H12). Information on this antibody can be found on the manufacturer’s website . As shown in figure, this antiserum detected (@1:500; 40 microg proteins) one intense band in brown adipose tissue and brain lysates from the mouse. However, the band was not at the expected molecular size, casting some doubt as to its specificity.

    Chromogenic immunohistochemistry using the same antibody resulted in a nuclear staining of brown adipocytes in the mouse (see picture). The staining was believable. In contrast, free-floating sections of the mouse brain were not successfully stained by this antibody. Tissue was fixed in 10% formalin using a standard protocol.
    Please see images above.

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