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  • I tested the homemade antibodies L76, L76 L-bleeding, and L83 L-bleeding. They were used for staining CHO-cells stable expressing mouse SorCS1 variant c.
    L-76: Specific even (not dotted) staining of membrane, background staining in untransfected cells. Very intens staining at 1:100. This antibody are foudn in two separate vials, ne in 4 degrees and one in -20 degrees. The on in -20 degrees is the best.
    L-76 L-bleeding: As L-76 but with less background.
    L-83 L-bleeding: Dotted staining of the membrane, there is no difference between transfected or untransfected cells.

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    IPNot Rated
    ELISANot Rated
    Flow cytometryNot Rated
    LuminexNot Rated

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