Neurofilament-L, rabbit pAb, Synaptic Systems, 171 002

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  • Rabbit-anti-neurofilament, light (NF-L) from Synaptic Systems (Göttingen, Germany, Cat. No. 171002) is an excellent marker to selectively reveal affected tissue after experimentally induced stroke in mice and rats and in an autoptic human sample from a stroke victim (Härtig et al 2016 J Chem Neuroanat – Figs 4-8). Mages et al 2018 (Front Mol Neurosci − Figs 1, 4, 7) provided further data on the usefulness of this immunoreagent for the delineation of infarcted tissue after experimental stroke in rodents and in human post mortem stroke tissue. Moreover, the authors demonstrated that this antiserum strongly binds the intact NF-L as well as its degradation products (Fig. 6) causing an enhanced immunolabelling despite lowered concentration of intact NF-L.

    Härtig et al. 2016 J Chem Neuroanat:
    Mages et al. 2018 Front Mol Neurosci:

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