Phospho-Tau (Ser202, Thr205), mouse mAb clone AT8, Thermo Fischer Scientific, MN1020

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  • This AT-8 antibody targeting early phosphorylation sites targeting PHF tau, can be used effectively for tau immunostaining on both paraffin embedded and frozen human brain tissue sections. The concentration to be used is 3ug/ml (1:600) in TBS-T for 1 H at room temperature.

    For best morphology and low background, fixing with 4% PFA (30 min), followed by a MeOH with 0.3% hydrogen peroxide incubation (10 min) and 10% non-fat milk block (30 min) is very effective.

    For immunofluorescence, best results are gained using a secondary biotinylated antibody, followed by ABC, and developed with tyramide signal amplification (TSA) red or green.

    AT-8 is routinely used as the major antibody identifying tau pathology in multiple cell types in human tissue, were it can beautifully identify neurofibrillary tangles, neuropil threads, tufted astrocytes, globose tangles and coiled bodies.

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