M13 Major Coat Protein, mouse mAb, clone RL-ph1, HRP conjugated, Santa Cruz, SC-53004-HRP

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  • Good evening guys, I did a comparison between the mAb anti-M13:HRP from GE with a brand new version from Santa Cruz Biotech (SC-53004-HRP). Unfortunately the one that everybody has been using from GE it is discontinued so the Santa Cruz seems to be a good reliable alternative.

    Basically it works as good (or even better) as the one from GE at the same dilution. I also did the titration curves of the same amount of phages,and decreasing amounts of the secondary antibody to evaluate it performance and it was really good. It can be diluted up to 1/20.000 to get a signal of 1.

    The product is available at 200 ug/mL and It worked very nicely at 1/5K dilution (100 uL/well) sc-53004 HRP for 500uL. It seems to be a really good alternative.

    In researchgate I uploaded the graph:

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