apoM, mouse mAb, clone 16, BD Biosciences, 612333

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  • This antibody was tested in a screening for antibodies suitable for ELISA-based detection of apoM in human plasma as described in Bosteen et al. 2015 (http://www.jlr.org/content/56/3/754.long).

    Briefly, initial testing of 15 commercially available anti-human apoM mAbs was performed by dot blotting of bacterially expressed 6xHis tagged recombinant human apoM (0.9┬ÁM) and human plasma and Western blotting of human plasma.

    ELISA screening was performed as a competitive ELISA using recombinant human apoM as bait (20 nM) and plasma apoM as competitor. For detection was used anti-6xHis-HRP antibody. The final sandwich ELISA was performed using DTT/iodoacetamide treated plasma samples and rabbit mAb anti-apoM clone EPR2904 as detection antibody.

    The performance of tested antibodies is summarized in inserted table.

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