AT1 receptor, mouse mAb, clone 1E10–1A9, Abcam, ab9391

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  • This antibody has been discontinued

  • The specificity of this antibody was evaluated by Western blot analysis of tissue homogenates from hypothalamus, liver and kidney cortex obtained from WT and AT1A receptor knock out mice. No specific signal was detected in WT tissues compared to control tissues.

    In addition, the antibody was tested by immunocytochemistry staining of rat hypothalamic neuronal cell line 4B transfected with AT1A receptor. 4B cells have no endogenous expression of AT1 receptors, and control staining was performed using mock transfected cells. No specific signal was detected in transfected cells compared to control cells.

    Ref: Benicky et al., 2012. Six Commercially Available Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Antibodies are Non-specific

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