CD56 (human), mouse mAb, clone MY31, PE-conjugated, BD Bioscience, 345810

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  • Anti-human CD56, PE-conjugated, clone MY31, BD Bioscience #345810

    By manufactures instruction this clone is not recommended for intracellular cytokine staining (ICS).
    PE anti-CD56 was used in an antibody cocktail for ICS of PBMCs Expressing a chimeric antigen receptor.

    Protocol in short: 3uL/sample added to antibody cocktail at a final volume of 20uL. 20uL antibody cocktail added to cells to a final volume of approximately 30uL. Cells incubated in dark for 20 minutes before washing, fixation, and intracellular staining.

    Indeed, anti-CD56 clone MY31 did not work in ICS for identifying CD3-/CD56+ NK cells.

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