Heparanase, rabbit pAb (ab1453), academic antibody

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  • This antibody (1:2500 in blocking buffer (1x TBST with 5% w/v nonfat dry milk)) was used for Western blot of heparanse in lysates of human CNS embryonal tumors, medulloblastomas and tumor cell lines D283, D324 and PFSK-1 (ref: Spyrou et al., Mol Cancer Ther, 2017 Aug; 16(8): 1705-1716)

    The antibody was provided by Dr. Robert Heinrikson (Pfizer Inc., Kalamazoo), and first described in Fairbanks et al. October 15, 1999 The Journal of Biological Chemistry 274, 29587-29590.

    The 1453ab was raised against the entire 65 kDa heparanase precursor isolated from the conditioned medium of heparanase-transfected 293 cells. This antibody recognizes both the latent 65 kDa precursor and the 50kDa processed form of heparanase in immunoblotting and immunostaining (Zetser A, Levy-Adam F, Kaplan V, Gingis-Velitski S, Bashenko Y, Schubert S, et al. Processing and activation of latent heparanase occurs in lysosomes. Journal of Cell Science 2004;117(11):2249.).

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