IFN-gamma (human), mouse mAb, clone 7-B6-1, biotinylated, Mabtech, 3420-6

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  • Biotinylated anti-human IFN-gamma mAb, clone: 7-B6-1, MABTECH, #3420-6
    mAb used as detection antibody in ELISpot assay to detect cellular immune response of chimeric antigen receptor modified T-cells against CD19 positive B-cells.
    Biotinylated anti-hIFNy was diluted in PBS supplemented with 1% BSA and 0.02% NaN3 to a final concentration of [0.75 ug/mL] (final volume: 75uL) (incubation two hours at RT)
    Plate was washed between each step using 6 x 200uL PBS (or PBS + 0.05% tween).
    Very good results were obtained with clear individual spots, a clear dose-dependent response and low background. Positive control: staphylococcal enterotoxin B [2ug/mL].

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