Rbm7, rabbit pAb, Sigma Aldrich, HPA013993

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  • Anti- Rbm7 antibody
    Sigma Prestige HPA013993, Rabbit polyclonal

    Used in western blot against mouse Rbm7 in whole cell extract from E14 murine embryonic stem cells.

    Primary antibody was diluted 1:500 in 5% milk/PBS-T, incubated for 16 hours/overnight at 4°C

    Secondary antibody; 1:5000 dilution of goat anti-rabbit/HRP in 5% milk/PBS-T (Vector), incubated for 1 hour at RT

    Gel system; 10% Tris-Tricine gel
    Protein was detected ~ 30 kDa
    The antibody also detects a non-specific band between 35-40 kDa. This band is still present in Rbm7 knockout mES cells. It is best to use a Tricine based gel system to resolve the correct band from the non-specific band.
    The antibody also detects many larger proteins >50 kDa. It is advised to cut the membrane at this point.

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