Phospho-mTOR (Ser2448) (D9C2), rabbit mAb, Cell Signaling Technology, #5536

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  • Phospho-mTOR (Ser2448) (D9C2) XP® Rabbit mAb #5536
    I used this antibody on murine hippocampal neurons with or without stimulation of BDNF (this was confirmed using pERK-as surrogate). I did see a band in the stimulated lane not present in the control. This was however situated around 200 kDa, while the protein is 289 kDa. At the expected size there was a smeared band, which did appear to be upregulated in the stimulated lane, it was however not very clear.
    Konc.: 1:1000
    Exposure: 30 min
    lane-load: 50 ug
    Please see image above

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