ATP6V1A, rabbit pAb, proteintech, 17115-1-AP

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  • It is hard to find good, reliable and consistent commercial antibodies for our day to day research. I had to do a lot of trial and error methods to optimize western blots for my V-ATPase project. I found out about Proteintech products and have been using all my V-ATPase primary antibodies made at their facility. My experience has been very good with these manufacturers and I am happy to share that experience with you all. I have bought ATP6V1A (17115-1-AP), ATP6V0D1 (18274-1-AP) and ATP6V1B1 (14780-1-AP) antibodies from ProteinTech. They all have worked very well in my hands and would recommend anyone to try them. I had spent a lot of $ to get good performing primary antibodies from all the big named companies but none worked as the ones from proteintech. They also have new lab promotions (50% discount for first three months!) and many such attractive offers. So, feel free to shop at!

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