GABARAPL2, rabbit pAb, Proteintech 18724-1-AP

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  • GABARAPL2 proteintech rabbit 18724-1-AP (before PM038)

    Nice antibody able to detect GABARAPL2-I and -II . Runs around 14, 13 kDa. However this antibody also detects the non-lipidated form of GABARAP. Three bands appear close to each other, upper one is GABARAP-I (16 kDa) and a small cap under it GABARAPL2-I and the -II, confirmed with RNAi knockdown. Since GABARAP is above both bands the anitbody can be used to detect lipidation of GABARAPL2. There appear also some unspecific bands above and under it, but they don’t interfere with the signal.
    I had some problems with dots on the blot, that can be avoided my filtering and incubating 2 h at room temperature instead of 4C over night.
    Use 1:1000, can be reused several times

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