syndecan-1/CD138 (mouse), goat pAb, AF3190

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  • anti-mouse Syndecan-1/CD138 Antibody, pAb goat, AF3190, R&D systems

    We have used this antibody (1:1000) for WB of liver homogenates (40 µg) obtained from BALB/cJ mice 1 hour post iv. injection of 30 u. heparinase I (H2519/Sigma). Treatment with heparinase exposes syndecan-1 epitopes and results in af nice band just above the 62 kDa band of SeeBlue Plus2 protein marker. The band is not detected in control mice.

    2-3 background bands ( below the 49 kDa marker) are observed in heparinase-infused as well as in control animals

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