KCNJ11 (Kir6.2) (B-9), mouse mAb, Santa Cruz sc-390104

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  • Using companies own control lysate and our rat brain lysate made in RIPA lysis, this antibody (Lot B0515) did not label properly at 44-45kDa. Moreover it did not label expressed Kir6.2 continaing serum (kindly donated by Dr Show Ling Shyng). Lysates were run on Bio-Rad precast gels, wet transferred to Amersham protran membrane, primary dilution 1:200, fluoresced with DyLight800-4Xpeg secondary from Thermo-Pierce, and imaged on a Licor Odyssey. Positive results using this protocol was had with another Santa Cruz antibody (H-55, sc-20809, see separate reivew).

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