NMDAR2A (phospho Ser1232), rabbit, ImmuQuest #IQ587.

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  • Rabbit anti-NMDAR2A (phospho Ser1232) from ImmuQuest, IQ587.

    This antibody was tested on lysate from adult mouse hippocampus and liver (picture). 50 ug protein was loaded in each lane. manufacturer suggests determining the optimal dilution by titration but recommends starting with 2ug/ml, so for this experiment i used a concentration of 2 ug/ml.
    The antibody was left over night at 4°C in a blocking buffer. The secondary antibody was left on for 1 hour at room temperature.

    After developing for 20 minutes, a weak band was observed in at the expected size in the hippocampus sample. A smear was observed in the liver-sample but no band was observed at the same size as observed in the hippocampal sample.

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