FLAD1, rabbit pAb, Sigma #HPA028563.

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  • Anti-FLAD1 antibody from Sigma (1:500). Prod. no: HPA028563. Polyclonal.
    Antibody for detecting flavin adenine dinucleotide synhtase (FADS).
    Secondary antibody: goat-a-rabbit IgG (DAKO prod. no. P0448).
    This antibody works best in high solution 1:500 but it depends on protein load. I have only used it for Western blot and loaded 20ug total protein (but it can be detected with as less as 5ug total protein), but Sigma tells that it also has been tested for immunohistochemistry in the dilution 1:10-1:20.
    The antibody is not really specific and we got more than the one band we searched for, we have done mass-spec. analysis on the bands and only two out of in total five bands could be detected as FADS.

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