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  • This is a Sigma Prestige antibody, supposedly and according to themselves the most highly validated antibodies in the industry.
    The HPA022903 antibody was used in The Human Protein Atlas project and showed prominent staining of the proximal tubules in the kidney.
    I confirmed this finding in kidney from WT mice and saw very beautiful and apparently specific staining of the proximal tubules. However, when I performed the staining of kidney sections from LRP2 knockouts the staining was completely lost, suggesting that HPA022903 in fact recognizes LRP2 and not LRP1.
    Have a look at the images above.
    LRP2 is a homologue of LRP1 and well-known for its function as an endocytosis receptor in the proximal tubules.
    If Sigma Prestige antibodies are the most highly validated in the industry, things are looking dim in life science.

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