PSRC2 (ZFC3H1), rabbit pAb, Novus Biologicals, NB100-68267

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  • catalog # NB100-68267, lot # A1

    Antibody against human ZFC3H1 protein. Provides specific detection of protein with no additional background (in tested conditions). Used for Western Blot detection of ZFC3H1 protein in whole cell extract from HeLa Kyoto line.

    Experimental details:

    -primary antibodies dilution: 1:1000 of ZFC3H1 antibody in 5%milk/PBS-T (incubation time: 1hr at RT),

    -secondary antibodies dilution: 1:5000 of goat anti-rabbit/HRP antibodies in 5%milk/PBS-T (DAKO #P0448) (incubation time: 1hr at RT),

    -chemiluminescent substrate: SuperSignal West Femto (Thermo Scientific #34096)

    – amount of loaded material: 10µg of whole cell extract was loaded per lane (measured by Bradford)

    – gel system: 3-8% Tris-Acetate gel (1x Tris-Acetate running buffer, at 150V).

    Protein was detected above ~250kDa band of PageRuler Plus Prestain Protein Ladder (Thermo Scientific #26619).
    Western blot

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