anti acetylated tubulin (6-11B-1), mouse mAb, ascites fluid , Sigma Aldrich, T6793

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  • Fantastic antibody! It works every single time. Both on paraffin embedded slides and in whole mount tissues.
    In our lab we work with the tammar wallaby as our animal model, a marsupial, and all our experiments have been carried out on wallaby tissues.
    Sigma Aldrich are referencing specificity with a variety of mammals, frog, chicken and invertebrates. They also reference applications for Dot BLot, EM, Western blot, radioimmunoassay. I find both assumptions likely due to our good results.
    Working solution concentrations vary a lot depending on the desired structure to be visualized. 1:500 – 1:1000 is suitable for both slides and whole mounts. This will visualize both tubulin filaments in the cytoplasm and in cilia, which have been the target for our investigations. Sometimes we have used as little as 1:2000 to decrease cytoplasmic staining.
    Pay attention as the antibody is an subtype IgG2b. We have found it works best with a secondary antibody tageting all IgG H+L.

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