Myocilin, mouse mAb clone #297817, R&D Systems, MAB3446

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  • This antibody was included in a study aiming to characterize and validate commercially available antibodies raised against myocilin. Epitope mapping was conducted using recombinant myocilin subdomains cloned and expressed in E. coli. As positive control was used endogenously expressed full-length human myocilin secreted by trabecular meshwork (TM) cells.

    We evaluated four antibodies (Ab41552, MABN866, MAB3446, sc-137233) for application in Western blotting (denaturing conditions) and ELISA (native protein).

    Our data show that MAB3446 recognizes an epitope within the amino acid sequence 112-185 (the LZ subdomain) of myocilin. The antibody works very well for WB, and detects both E. coli expressed myocilin fragments containing these residues as well as the full-length human protein.

    The epitope was confirmed by ELISA.

    For further information see Patterson-Orazem et al., 2018 “Epitope mapping of commercial antibodies that detect myocilin” (

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