Shb/Shf (C-20), rabbit pAb, Santa Cruz, sc-530

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  • This antibody was evaluated in a study of commercially available antibodies directed against SH2 domain-containing adapter protein B (Shb). Nine antibodies were included in the study and their performance was tested in Western blotting and Immunoprecipitation.

    Tests were performed using cell lysate obtained from the cell line HEK 293T, which endogenously expresses Shb, and HEK 293T cells transiently transfected with CMV promoter driven overexpression of Shb. As a negative control, Shb was knocked-down in HEK 293T-derived cell line CE12 using Shb-specific siRNA.

    In WB, this antibody detected a strong non-specific band very close to Shb, diminishing
    the usefulness of this antibody for investigating the endogenous protein. It might be potentially a useful antibody to monitor Shb when it is over-expressed though.

    The antibody was unable to immuneprecipitate the target.

    Immunogen: C-terminus (last 50 amino acids) of human Shb
    Lot number: F2013
    Concentration: 2 µg/ml

    Results are summarized in inserted table.

    For further information see: Evaluation and validation of commercial antibodies for the detection of Shb. Vanli, Cuesta-Marban and Widmann, PLOS ONE December 1, 2017.

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