SUR1 (aa 611-690) (H-80), rabbit pAb, Santa Cruz, sc-25683

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  • This antibody has been discontinued

  • Anti SUR1 (ABCC8), polyclonal, 611-690, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, “H-80”, item sc-25683, lot G0313, 1:200, against 30ug (BSA method) rat brain homogenate lysed with RIPA buffer, blotted on low autofluorescence PVDF, illuminated with anti-mouse Dylight 800-4xPEG (Thermo, 1:200), scanned on NIR imager, showed numerous low MW non-specific bands, but nothing in the 140-170kDa range as expected for full length SUR1. Blocking was with 3% goat. Not valid for WB in rat brain.

    NOTE: Santa Cruz provided a 2nd lot to try, A2016, and this provides a double band around 150kDa and faintly again around 280-300kDa (presumably dimer)– but have not been able to verify with LC-MS/MS as containing SUR1. Will update if a second SUR1 antibody can mimic this result.

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